LGU Students Help Corinthian Baptist Church

Corinthian Baptist Church

The LGU capstone course is designed to integrate students into various volunteer-work positions in the surrounding area of La Salle University. Karla Fernandez and Cody Swan are the two students assigned to work with the Corinthian Baptist Church.

“One of the themes of the introductory and capstone courses is asset-based service. Hence, this semester we are volunteering at local faith-based institutions,” said Swan.

They have not been able to begin their volunteering yet, but have had an opportunity to attend a Sunday service. Hernandez and Swan are embracing this opportunity and look forward to working with the church in order to make a positive impact on its community.

Closer view of stained glass window.

“As we read comprehensive literature and primary documents and speeches relating to activist liberation theology, we are aiming to strengthen ties with these institutions in addition to helping them become more active and far reaching in their respective missions,” said Swan.

Corinthian Baptist Church is located about a mile from La Salle’s campus. It was established in 1900. Reverend Ronald K Hill became the pastor two years ago after the previous pastor retired from his 33 years of service at Corinthian Baptist.

View from the sidewalk.

Their covenant states:

View from across the street. Unfortunately, there are poles and wires blocking the church.

“A covenant is an agreement between two parties. At Corinthian, we have a covenant with God that affirms us as a people. We the members of the Body of Christ, give ourselves totally in worship to you O Lord. We want to hear from you, embrace you, and know you, that we may complete your will for our lives. We seek to be in your presence, so we can have a Christ-centered approach to living. Therefore, we are becoming empowered disciples, confident and capable in everything we do for the Kingdom of God.”

To learn more, visit their website.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6.

Corinthian Baptist Hosts Black History Month Celebration.


The red front door.


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